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The Sum of It All: A Summary Perspective

Reflection 10: To Sum It All Up

In one of my earlier postings, I mentioned about the benefits of Microsoft Teams in learning. It is interesting how the chat functionality in the application can evoke self-reflection. During the course we were required to interact through the Teams, by posting questions. By… Continue Reading “Reflection 10: To Sum It All Up”

Reflection 9: Are the Students Ready?

I believe I now have a much better appreciation and knowledge about constructivism. I have touched on the ever expansive social development theory in an earlier posting and how it has grown into different branches of learning theory. To develop an effective learning community… Continue Reading “Reflection 9: Are the Students Ready?”

Reflection 8: Of Lao Tzu, Lev Vygotsky and The Education System Part 2

I attended a missionary school in Klang back in the 1980’s. Its students came from a good mix of ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds. I wasn’t the top-scoring kind but was fortunate enough to get placed in the top 2 classes throughout my five… Continue Reading “Reflection 8: Of Lao Tzu, Lev Vygotsky and The Education System Part 2”

Reflection 7: Of Lao Tzu, Lev Vygotsky and The Education System Part 1

Many years ago when I was much younger I learned a powerful phrase from someone whom I consider a mentor. He quoted from Lao Tzu – “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. That quote stuck in my mind ever since. The… Continue Reading “Reflection 7: Of Lao Tzu, Lev Vygotsky and The Education System Part 1”

Reflection 6: Lessons Learned During the MCO Part 3

One of the most intriguing revelation during the lockdowns is about handphones. It became a butt of a joke – “it wasn’t allowed in school but thanks to the pandemic, school is now in handphones”. It is interesting that it took a crisis to… Continue Reading “Reflection 6: Lessons Learned During the MCO Part 3”

Reflection 5: Lesson Learned During the MCO Part 2

I’m back into my focus on my assignment. We were asked to identify a social media platform to showcase our completed tasks where discussions can take place. Introvert as I am, Facebook and Youtube were not the options I’d prefer although I must say… Continue Reading “Reflection 5: Lesson Learned During the MCO Part 2”

Video on Cognitive Constructivism

Watch this short video on the application of Cognitive Development Theory

Reflection 4: On Cognitive Constructivism

And so… I have jumped head on into cognitive constructivism. I find it challenging to initially understand the concepts. At first, after reading on the research journals and article, I got myself even more confused as there seem to be a mixed up use… Continue Reading “Reflection 4: On Cognitive Constructivism”

Reflection 3: Lessons Learned During the MCO Part 1

The Movement Control Order (MCO) was issued by the Malaysian government on 17 March 2020 and to start at midnight of 18 March 2020. For us in Dr D class, we have already started connecting online instead of physically attending classes, even before the… Continue Reading “Reflection 3: Lessons Learned During the MCO Part 1”