Making Sense of POA7003: A Student’s Reflection

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My journey into instructional design and technology has been an exciting one to say the least. As part of my immersion into this exciting field of study, I’m keeping a journal of my reflection on paper POA7003 – Design of Learning Communities (also because it is a requirement in the course). My lecturer for this course, Associate Professor Dr Dorothy Dewitt has been instrumental in shaping and moulding my thinking on the instructional design and technology.

Reflection 10: To Sum It All Up

In one of my earlier postings, I mentioned about the benefits of Microsoft Teams in learning. It is interesting how the chat functionality in the application can evoke self-reflection. During the course we were required to interact through the Teams, by posting questions. By…

Reflection 9: Are the Students Ready?

I believe I now have a much better appreciation and knowledge about constructivism. I have touched on the ever expansive social development theory in an earlier posting and how it has grown into different branches of learning theory. To develop an effective learning community…


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